Teardrop Trailer Tiny Small Camper

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The “Teardrop X trailer” is lightweight and easy to tow, making it the perfect option for someone looking to take their camping experience to the next level.

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Model Ruiwei 520
Outer contour dimension length x width x height (mm) 4500*2180*2100
Including traction frame length:
Interior dimension of car body length x width x distance (mm) 3500*2100*1650
Indoor area(M²) 5
Rated number of residents (person) 3
Curb weight (kg) 750
Maximum total mass (kg) 1000
Sofa bed (including mattress) 2000*1600
Length * width (mm) [lifting table conversion] (including lifting table)
Number of axes 1
Clearance from the ground (mm) 200
Driving form tow
Service brake form + parking brake form Electric brake + handbrake
Furniture panel Special import plate for RV
Floor leather Thickness: 3mm
Special for dry rubber RV
External Kitchen Sink and stove
Rest area Folding table, sofa bed,wall-mounted air conditioner  overhead skylights
Water Stystem Water heater 10L, water pump+water inlet 75L clean water tank, 100L sewage tank
Storage Space Wall cabinet, external storage box
tyre 165/70R14C
Axle + leaf spring American electric brake shaft+
High strength automotive leaf spring

Ready for Adventure

This trailer allows you to bring some of the comforts of home when you hit the road. You’ll enjoy being surrounded by nature as you use the well-equipped rear galley. At night, you’ll climb into a warm and cozy interior — complete with a large window for stargazing. No matter where you go, the teardrop x trailer is ready for adventure

Everything You Need

This camper is equipped with a galley kitchen, a wet bath, and a U-shaped dinette that converts into a comfortable sleeping area. The“Teardrop X trailer” has everything you need to make your camping experience even more enjoyable

Interior & Exterior Construction

The “Teardrop X trailer”  construction invites you to treat it a little “meaner” than most: aside from the standard, seamless fiberglass shell that already makes any “Teardrop X trailer”  trailer a teardrop standout. Don’t worry: if you feel like you’re ready to drift away, there’s plenty of room—and a beckoning mattress—waiting for you inside the spacious cabin. The Mean Bean might be a fighting machine, but it sure isn’t lean on comfort

Board Used

As our most popular unit, the “Teardrop X trailer”  is perfect for a weekend excursion or an extended camping adventure with your families or friends. Suit for all year.

You Deserve Service

Provide custom designs and look forward to working with every customer . If you have any question or ideas, please free contact us, we will solve your problems asap.
And also we provide install and maintenance for our customer.

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